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howl at the swoon

Life's much too short for so much sorrow.
We're all just stories in the end.
Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.
I know everything. I'm the devil.
I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.
All men must die. But we are not men.
I threw my pie for you.
Either crown me or kiss my ass.
900 years of time and space, and I've never been slapped by someone's mother.
Don't be a hater, dear.

keeping it real since 1963
my mom took away my computer so i can only get on at school help
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my goal in life is to be so hot that people can’t pronounce words right when they’re trying to talk to me





According to my mother it’s “rude and ignorant” to be uncomfortable around babies.

Babies are rude and ignorant.

fuck babies

dont fuck babies

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Hello I'm the Doctor and you've met Clara she was supposed to be having a nice day out, still it's early yet.